Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Episode Two: Arbor Day

Hello again Scribblers!  I have wonderful memories of when I was a boy, toting a sack full of lunch my mother packed for me and setting off on a great adventure through the local "forest".

That "forest", while enormous at the time was really just a copse of trees lining a drainage ditch.  At the time, though, I was exploring a raging river through an enchanted wood.

I have never lost my love for trees nor the sense of awe they inspire in me.  Over the years I've built houses in their branches, read in their shade, and photographed their beauty, so it seems natural that I now earn my living from the twigs and branches that they drop to the ground as gracious offerings.

Below is a photo of the lake my wife and I are blessed to live near.  This was the first of my "warehouses" where the raw material for my work is found.

I strive to maintain Scribble Stix as an eco-friendly business and never cut a live tree.  But there always seems to be an abundant supply lying at my feet.

I love working with my hands, creating and re-purposing what nature has discarded.  This is the happiest I have ever been at any job or career.

I would love to hear what motivates you to create.  The materials you use, your inspirations, and your "origin" story - why you do what you do.  Please share your comments below.

Until next time, keep on creating !!

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